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Language and education

Research methods

In order to reach our research goal, we engage in three types of research, often employing a mixed-method approach:

(1)  In descriptive research, we observe and describe current language teaching practices and learning processes from a combined linguistic and pedagogical perspective, in primary, secondary and tertiary education.

(2)  In design-based research (usually iterative and small-scale), we develop and test curricula, tasks, materials and tests, on the basis of insights from previous psycholinguistic and educational research, and taking into account learner characteristics as well as implications for teacher education.

(3)  In validation and effect studies (usually quasi-experimental interventions), we examine how and why linguistic and pedagogical interventions affect learning processes and outcomes (i.c. language proficiency, attitudes and intercultural competence). With a main focus on communicative effectiveness and functional adequacy, our research aims at providing evidence for teaching and learning at micro level (interaction processes, task completion) and macro level (curriculum development).